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Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
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Manage Cash Flow With a Business Line of Credit

In today’s ever changing economy, the financial needs of your business are sure to be in constant flux as well. Unsecured business lines of credit (LOC) from Bay Bridge Funding allow you adapt to seasonal demands or cash flow crunches as they arise—without any collateral.

Generous Limits

It does not matter if you are a start-up company or an established business; we can help. How much you qualify for will depend on a number of factors, however. Things that we take into consideration when establishing borrowing limits for our customers include:

  • Credit profile
  • Size of business
  • Profitability
  • Length of time in operation

Generally speaking, a start-up company with good credit but no established revenues will qualify for a credit line ranging anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000. Established businesses with revenues over $1,000,000 may qualify for as much as a $500,000 LOC.

The Best Rates

At Bay Bridge Funding, we only offer highly competitive, A-Paper products. We do not offer subprime lines of credit. Typically our introductory business credit card offers start at 0%, while larger lines of credit range anywhere from 1% to 5% over prime.

Get Started Today

You can find out if you qualify for an unsecured business LOC in less than 10 minutes. Contact one of our financial specialists for a no-obligation consultation today. We offer short-term financing for your long-term financial success.