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Taking Care of Business With Bridge Loans

Like many other companies, you may be trying to expand or grow, but don’t have the means to do so. The good news is that at Bay Bridge Funding, we offer the finance options that will help you reach the growth you are aiming for. Bridge loans are just one of the many options that we offer that will bridge the gap between previous and future purchases. Basically, when you want to purchase new property, lease a new building, or rent new equipment, you don’t have to wait until you sell the old property, building, or equipment. You will have the money you need to literally bridge the gap between the two purchases.

Bay Bridge Funding partners with various investment firms that are willing to handle your bridge loan. They are able to get you the capital you need to obtain the items that will help you remain successful.

Possible Purchases

There are many things that a bridge or hard money loan may be used for with real estate and equipment as a couple of the most common. For example, if a business owner has a small, run down building and would like to upgrade, but do not have enough money to pay for two mortgages, the bridge or hard money loan will kick in to take care of the new purchase until the old building is sold. It’s really that easy.

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